Item # EC0Q7TUPC: 078693500121


Heavy duty outdoor appliances require a timer that can handle the load. This 3/4 horsepower   timer is specially designed to work with portable pools, spa filter pumps, patio or garden fountains, car heating accessories, outdoor lighting and other heavy duty outdoor appliances. Use a timer to control your pond lights, pump or fountain.

A semi-transparent lid protects the pin dial from damage and weather resistant housing is designed for extreme weather conditions. This plug-in timer provides up to 24 on/off settings per day and the cycle repeats every 24 hours. Easy to set in 30 minute intervals with never-lose segment pins that can't be removed or lost. Use the manual override button to turn the timer on or outlet on, so you don't have to delete any preprogrammed settings.

This timer is compatible with compact fluorescent lighting and is CSA certified for quality assurance. The Woods brand of timers and home controls bring simplicity to your life, by maximizing convenience, security and energy savings.

  • Heavy-duty 3-conductor mechanical timer
  • Automate outdoor security & holiday lighting, car heating accessories,  bug zappers outdoor accessories and pool pumps for convenience and energy savings
  • Settings repeat daily
  • Durable protective cover - 8" 14/3 SJTW cord
  • Multiples On/Off setting- cycles: 48 per day
  • Never-Lose pins cannot be removed or lost
  • Rating: 125V 15 Amp - helps to lower energy cost
  • 3" D x 7.5" W x 9" H