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Most levels only give you information at level (0 degrees) and plumb (90 degrees) using bubbles you have to work to center visually between two lines.  You can do that with SmartTool, too, but the SmartTool also lets you measure digitally, electronically, and with an actual number, at every angle, all 360 degrees of a complete circle.  So installing a deck, stair rail, extending a roof or determining how much an old floor has sagged is simpler, less time consuming, and more accurate.

SmartTool is simple to use. Just press the on/off button and SmartTool will show you the angle of any surface with decimal-point accuracy.  The display even flips over with the level so SmartTool always reads right side up And it shuts off automatically after 6 minutes when it's not being used, all this from a standard, 9-volt battery.

Have tasks where you really can't see the SmartTool but need instant feedback?  Then turn on the audio beeper.  When turned on with a single button, SmartTool lets you hear when your task is at level or plumb.  This can be great when shimming projects, leveling buildings, pool tables or other projects where you need immediate feedback but are not in a position to see the display. This can leave your hands free to adjust, nail, or screw the project in place when you hear the beep telling you it is where you want it.

The hold button makes it easy to measure in areas where the digital display is not visible.  Take the measurement, push the hold button, and then bring the SmartTool in front of you to see your reading.

And, SmartTool can take abuse other levels can't, because its components are made of high strength materials and you can reset it to factory accuracy with the touch of a button.

  • The mode button lets you see angles in 3 ways: degrees, % slope or pitch -   Displays in degrees, percent, and inches/foot
  • Indestructible block acrylic vials
  • Patented liquid sensor made in the USA
  • Over 2 million sold
  • 500 hour battery life (9 volt battery included)
  • Patented calibration in both level and plumb
  • Calibrate on any semi level surface without vials
  • High visibility LCD display
  • Display image flips when upside down
  • Listen and Level Audio tone at level and plumb
  • Hold button freezes display
  • One  year warranty
  • 2.1" H x 1.4" W x 6.63" L


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  • ⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm