Item # C43XKCUPC: 095421076123

Designed to attract screws and nails in drywall to locate framing studs. Once screw or nail is located, the magnet holds to steel fastener in wall to mark the location.

  • Stud magnet is easy to use & does not depend on batteries or mechanical parts
  • Simply remove the magnetic shield and move magnet across wall's surface until it attracts to the hidden drywall screw or nail where the stud is located
  • Set nail in notch at top of magnet for easy startup
  • Attach string with a small washer through hole at bottom of magnet for use as a plumb line
  • 4.25" length magnetic stud finder contains 5 permanently magnetized magnets inside durable plastic
  • Includes shield, steel inside durable plastic to block magnetism when not in use, allowing easy storage in a toolbox without attracting other tools