Item # 9W77LLUPC: 046878210042

The B-hyve® Smart Hose Watering Timer with Wi-Fi hub will save you water, money, and time. Connect via smartphone for maximum watering control over your lawn or garden. The timer collects online weather data to optimize water usage. You only need one Wi-Fi hub, but add as many timers as you want.

  • Connect to any outdoor faucet to give users control over watering from any smart device
  • Program your timer with our free Android or iOS B-hyve app, or use your computer with Wi-Fi
  • The B-Hyve smart timer has a built in flow meter
  • The timer can network with other timers so they don't come on at the same time
  • Get alerts when: watering is done, rain delay is on, freezing temps could cause damage, and when the battery is low ~ This smart timer typically gets a full season of use, that’s one year, on just 2 AA batteries
  • Homeowners, Condo/ Townhouse owners, weekend patio gardeners or serious everyday gardeners, everyone can use and benefit from this watering timer
  • Save water, save money, save time and save the environment with this unique Smart Hose Watering Timer
  • It shuts off the timer in the rain, increases water when it’s hot and decreases water in colder weather
Makes a great gift for that Gardener in your life .... order two!