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Win the war on moles with Sweeney's Poison Moleworms. Moles eat almost 80% of their body weight in food each day, mostly earthworms, which is why Sweeney’s Poison Moleworms were developed to look and feel like the real thing.   The Moleworm is formulated to be very tasty to moles and when they consume the bait it swiftly kills them. Which means you can return your yard to its rightful suburban beauty sooner rather than later.

  • Poison moleworms look/feel like real earthworms
  • Earthworms are part of a moles daily diet
  • Uniquely formulated to be palatable to moles
  • Quickly and effectively kills moles
  • For use in underground runways or subsurface feeding tunnels - drop bait in tunnel roof hole
  • Active ingredient: Bromethalin
  • 10 worms/pack + 5 active tunnel locator flags
  • Made in USA