Item # 9W76EZUPC: 092097169425

The Ramset Cobra+ 0.27 Caliber Semi-Automatic Powder-Actuated Tool can tackle professional remodeling projects, such as attaching wood to concrete or steel. It lets you set the load strength to match the job.

The adjustable power level increases speed and efficiency and reduces power up to two levels. The silencer feature reduces actuation noise, and the ergonomic grip provides comfort for long jobs.
  • Modified power adjust increases efficiency
  • Slide adjust feature enables user to quickly change power without having to switch out loads
  • Silencer maker work quieter - decreased noise delivers a quieter environment
  • Allows ability to work in inhabited spaces
  • Ergonomic grip and padded handle design enhance user comfort and absorb recoil
  • Use for attaching 2 x 4s, furring strips and electrical boxes to concrete and steel
  • Adjustable load strength for optimum penetration into base material
  • Fires 10 shot strip loads, 1 strip of loads drives 10 pins (up to 3 in.)