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GARDZ® Problem Surface Sealer is a unique water-base sealer for porous and potential problem surfaces. It is formulated to deeply penetrate and dry to a hard, moisture resistant film that seals and binds down porous, chalky and crumbling surfaces, paints and texture finishes. GARDZ® is recommended for: damaged drywall, new drywall, spackling and joint compound skim coats, plaster, calcimine, uncoated wallpaper, wallcovering adhesive residue, texture paint, popcorn ceilings and builder’s flat paint.

Recommended uses:

Apply to interior walls, ceilings and related surfaces. GARDZ® is recommended for sealing problem porous surfaces such as bare and damaged drywall, plaster, cement and cementitious coatings, spackling paste and joint compound, calcimine, stucco, acoustic and texture finishes, uncoated wallpaper, etc. GARDZ® will also adhere to and seal in old wallpaper paste and adhesive residue. GARDZ® has a milky-blue color that helps to determine where it has been applied but dries water clear. It is formulated for use directly from the container; tinting is not recommended.

  • Damaged Drywall - GARDZ® prevents bubbles that form when damaged drywall is skim coated with spackling or joint compound. GARDZ® penetrates and seals damaged facing paper, restoring it to a sound surface for repairs, suitable for painting or wallcovering.
  • New Drywall/Joint Compound and Spackling – GARDZ® penetrates and uniformly seals, creating a moisture-resistant film that protects drywall from blistering, tearing and other damage when redecorating in the future.
  • Plaster – Allow new plaster to cure at least 24 hours before applying GARDZ®. Before priming old, bare plaster with GARDZ® be sure to determine that the surface is clean, dry and in sound condition, taking care to repair any cracks or holes with spackling paste or joint compound before sealing the surface.
  • Calcimine - GARDZ® penetrates calcimine more effectively than oil-base coatings and has a much lower odor. Because it resists moisture, GARDZ® prevents water-base topcoat paint or texture finishes from softening up calcimine layers underneath.
  • Wallpaper Adhesive Residue - Water-base coatings or texture finishes will reactivate old wallpaper adhesive, resulting in cracking and peeling. GARDZ® is formulated to completely seal in residual adhesive and prevent it from ruining water-base topcoats and texture finishes.
  • Texture and Popcorn Finishes - Use GARDZ® to seal textured walls and popcorn ceilings before applying water-base primer or paint. GARDZ® penetrates soft or crumbly texture material and hardens it, creating a durable, water-resistant barrier that prevents primer or paint from softening texture material underneath.
  • Coverage – Approx. 350 – 450 sq. ft. per gallon.
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