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What are you waiting for?  NOW is a great time to spiffy up your kitchen with new cabinet and drawer pulls.  At this great price, it will not cost you an arm and leg just to give your kitchen a little make-over.

You will be AMAZED at how much difference some new INEXPENSIVE but quality hardware will make in your kitchen style. 

Go for a monochromatic look in that your hardware 'blends' into the cabinet or drawer to give it a sleek, uncluttered look.  Great for small kitchens or areas that can be make to look larger just by eye perspective. 

= OR =  Go the complete opposite and have your hardware stand out from the cabinets and pulls to make for a stylish pop of design!

Either way,  your kitchen or other area will take on a whole NEW look without expensive repainting or refacing or remodeling.   You have the holidays coming up - people dropping by - its a good time to amp up the look of a much used area! 

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Cabinet & Drawer Knobs

  • Zinc die-cast spoon foot design cabinet pull
  • 3" center
  • Screws included

EPA RESTRICTED:     This product is restricted by the EPA - This can NOT be shipped to the following states:  CA