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Grandma used to get her delicates and Grandpa's undershirts pure white by hand scrubbing on one of these washboards. Professional laundrists still use washboards today just like Grandma when they want to get that dirt and soil out that washing machines just seem to miss or do a poor job.

You know who else uses washboards today? Why, our troops serving in other countries where the laundry facilities may be meager or non-existent. Do you know someone in the military stationed overseas who can use one of these handy washboards to make their life a little easier when it comes to washing out undergarments and such?

And let's not discount what a great musical instrument this can be with just strumming fingers, or the zing of the back of a spoon or tapping with a thimble on the thumb. An inexpensive way to expose your kids or grandkids to music, percussion, and sing alongs!

And these washboards also make cozy decorator items ... to enhance that homey ambiance in a kitchen, or laundry room ... or a quaint place to post messages in your kitchen or home office with a few magnets.


  • Traditional style with durable wood frame
  • Galvanized scrub surfaces
  • Functional as well as decorative ~ adds flare to bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms
  • Makes great musical instruments
  • Let's not forget our troops overseas who can use a good scrubbing tool when laundry facilities are not available.
  • Generous size: 15.5" H x 7.50" W x 1.50" D 
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