Item # 38H334UPC: 614636877952

The Norton fluted hand rubbing brick is made of silicon carbide (Crystolon) and has a fluted surface and a handle for use in masonry and stonework applications, such as smoothing concrete and removing mold marks.

The fluted surface has diagonal grooves with sharp edges for debris removal and clean shearing action. Silicon carbide is a sharp, aggressive grain that offers high penetration, fast cutting, and high material removal even under light pressure.

The C20 extra-coarse grit size allows for faster cutting than abrasives with a finer grit, and the firmly bonded handle facilitates overhead, floor, and wall jobs.
  • Hand Rubbing Brick manufactured with extra coarse silicon carbide abrasive - 20 grit
  • Fluted bottom with rubber handle.
  • Used by masons and stone workers for rubbing down concrete and removing mold marks.
  • The diagonal flutes provide sharp edges, a clean shearing action, and carry away debris.
  • The firmly attached handle reduces fatigue and facilitates overhead, wall and floor work.