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Scare away birds and vermin with this great horned owl look-alike--just hang, mount, or set the Owl in or near your garden. And as attractive as it is useful, the Garden Defense Owl makes a great a patio accent, garden feature, or lawn ornament for any home.

Designed to look exactly like a great horned owl, the Garden Defense Owl features large, yellow eyes, a tilted head, ear tufts, and intricate hand-painted details on the body. Also, the Owl stands upright on a thick base, giving it a little extra height.

The Garden Defense Owl mimics the look of a predator bird to protect your fruits, vegetables, and flowers. You can use the Owl year after year to frighten away birds, squirrels, rabbits, rodents, and other destructive pests.

There are several easy options available for installing the Great Defense Owl. The Owl features an eyelet on the top of its head, so you can hang it from a tree or under the roofline of your house. Mounting the Owl on a pole is also easy with the molded-in pilot hole on the bottom of the base. Alternatively, you can fill the base with sand and place the Owl between the rows in your vegetable patch or on your patio.

  • Realistic looking-Great Horned Owl
  • For garden and landscape protection
  • Lightweight/multifunctional
  • Mimics predator look to scare away pests
  • Hang by string or mount on pole
  • 8" W x 7" D x 16" H
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