Item # 10KASHUPC: 024964167449


Just can't face that big paint removing project -- the idea of all those hours of sanding and scraping and sore muscles for days just puts a *quit* in your "Get-up-and-go-do-it"?  Take the frustration and hard labor  out of paint removal and surface prep with the Wagner PaintEater.  This unique tool is designed and optimized to give even inexperienced users the ability to remove peeling paint without damaging the substrate  allowing for a smooth, long-lasting new coat of paint. And the special fiber disk with embedded abrasive effectively removes paint chips without loading up with paint and dust.


  • One-step paint remover efficiently removes paint
  • Use on wood, Masonite, steel, and concrete
  • Use to remove paint chips, feathers the edges, abrades surface for adhesions and conforms to irregular areas.
  • Multiple ergonomic hand-holds:  One-hand enables wide coverage and ladder use. Two-handed use eases fatigue.
  • Compact design is ideal for tight spaces
  • Protective shroud shields hands from rotating disk
  • Flexible-Disc system enables disc to conform to uneven surfaces.
  • Special Fiber Disk preps surface without loading up with paint and dust
  • No tools required to install/remove abrasive disc/Arbor lock.
  • 2,000 RPM speed finishes work without damaging substrate
  • Retractable handle & Velcro strap for maximum control
  • Replacement Disc also sold here:  Item # 7OAJZF