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Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder is a rich blend of aged humus mixed with essential supplements to form a complete soil builder for various garden applications. It builds a proper soil foundation and enhances vigorous plant growth in your garden, flower beds, and in your landscaping. Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder adds essential organic and biological material that improves your soil’s moisture holding capacity to resist drought and aid in nutrient delivery to your plants, protects roots from pathogens and chemical damage, and promotes beneficial soil organisms to ensure results every time you use it. Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder consists of properly aged humus, aged compost, alfalfa, and humate. Alfalfa meal is a very high quality soil amendment containing Triacontanol, a natural growth stimulant that produces bigger and better plants. Humate aids in the physical modification of soil structure, improving water infiltration and plant quality. Read and follow directions for best results. Not recommended for container or pot planting.

  • Blend of composted cotton burrs and composted cattle manure, plus alfalfa, humate and coffee bean hulls
  • Provides strong nutrient base to mend poor soils
  • Cotton burr adds rich organic matter
  • Great for established garden beds, use in lawns and for soil surrounding trees and shrubs
  • 1.5 - 1 - 1