Item # 10K6FAUPC: 070922010661


Forget aerosol sprays!  Never mind electronic zappers!  Use the time-proven method that has been successful for decades!  The classic mesh fly swatter!  Not just for flies either!  For any pest with wings that insists on flying into your territory!  One good aimed swing and pest-no-more!  Environmentally safe - can be used by adults or children!   Easily adjustable to any length of swing or style.  Use in any room of the house, porch or deck.  Buy several, arm each member of the family.  Give as gifts!  

For best results:  Use a slow and steady approach for best results. Sudden movement and swinging the flyswatter too high creates a current of air that alerts and allows the insect to take flight.

  • Environmentally conscious, effective and inexpensive method to control flying insects
  • Durable, flexible enamel finish wire handle
  • Wire mesh head is properly vented making it easier to hit fast moving flying insects

Did you know:  Most flying insects have sensory hairs on their bodies that can feel changes in air pressure and detect solid objects moving towards them.  Enoz Flyswatters have a vented design that allows quick movement through the air to hit fast moving insects easily.