Eye Bolts

Hardware World is the place to find eye bolts for all sorts of home and industrial applications. We stock eye bolts in all sizes, so whether you need a ¼-inch eye bolt, 3/8-inch eye bolt or 5/8-inch eyelet bolt, you can get it at Hardware World. Bent eye bolts are available in zinc, stainless steel and galvanized finishes, and you can order forged eye bolts that have a shoulder beneath the eyelet for tightening it into place. Shop here to buy long eye bolts, small eye bolts and everything in between at low prices – and if you live outside Washington State, you pay no sales tax!

Eye bolts are a valuable hardware fitting that provides a secure place to run cables, ropes or wires along a structure. Our light- and medium-duty bolts are made of steel wire while heavy-duty eye bolts are forged from high-grade steel. Both versions are rust- and corrosion-resistant for use in almost any environment. These bolts have machine-screw threading and come with a hex nut to attach them in place. Our knowledgeable service team will make sure you get the right-sized bolt that's strong enough to handle your rope or cabling.