Dollies & Appliance Casters

Whether you are in the moving business, appliance business or you just want to avoid back problems, hernias and other medical issues, the movers' dollies and appliance casters from Hardware World offer you a safe and smart alternative to lugging big objects around with a grunting friend or relative or two. Affordable and durable, our dollies and casters cost far less than even one visit to the doctor. They make moving large appliances and other items so easy you will wonder why you didn't get some a long time ago.

Our dollies are available in traditional wooden versions as well as modern space-age materials. Rated for loads ranging from 300 to 840 pounds, they will make it a breeze to move heavy, bulky items.

Appliance casters and rollers are another smart way to move refrigerators, stoves, washing machines and other big and bulky objects. We offer a big selection, so you can find the price and style to suit your needs. They can help you move big stuff ranging from 250 to 2,000 pounds.