SuperDeck / DuckBack

If you have a deck, furniture or other wood products that need to stand up to the fickle elements outdoors, you need to consider DuckBack Superdeck products. Designed to work on weathered wood as well as new wood, these specially formulated products help protect wood from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and the damage and rot that rain, snow and moisture can cause over time.

Hardware World carries a big selection of DuckBack Superdeck wood cleaners, stains and finishes, so you can protect and beautify any deck, furniture or other wooden item. A small investment of money and time in these products will pay big dividends in lustrous looks and longer life. From decks to docks, DuckBack has you covered.

We also carry a variety of DuckBack exterior wood cleaners as well as composite cleaners for composite wood and vinyl siding. These will make materials sparkle by removing grease and grime, and will make short work of prepping.

For refinishing, choose from a big variety of stains ranging from natural gloss or satin. We carry DuckBack finishes running from cedar to redwood and white to brown.

When you're finishing or refinishing stairs, docks and other slippery spots, consider ordering a bag or two of DuckBack anti-skid additive. It's a smart and easy way to help prevent painful and potentially costly slips and falls.