Gas Cans & Drum Pumps & Fuel Caddies & Stations

If you have ever been stranded on the road or endured a long power outage at home, you know that truly empty feeling of running out of gas. But there's hope. At Hardware World, we offer a big selection of affordably priced gas cans, fuel caddies, stations and accessories. Whether you want to carry some spare gasoline for your truck, car, boat or lawn mower, need to store gas or diesel for your generator or kerosene for your lamps and heaters, we have all the containers and accessories you need for safe, efficient storage and transfer.

If you are looking for a 20-gallon gas container, consider one of our 20-gallon gas caddies. Able to hold as much as 20-gallon gas cans, these caddies have wheels that make it easy to move your fuel where you need it. Why lug a 20-gallon gas can when you can wheel one of our caddies? They make great gasoline fuel transfer tanks for gasoline and a perfect container.

Of course, we have a variety of smaller sizes available too. Whether you are looking for a 15-gallon gas can or an Eagle gas can that can hold 5 gallons, you'll find it here. We also carry a range of handy accessories and replacement parts, including spouts, vents and no-spill nozzles.