Door/Window Weather - stripping

Eliminate drafts and lower your heating and cooling bills with high-quality door and window weatherstripping from Hardware World. Weatherstripping is designed to seal the gap where windows and doors close, preventing air leakage and helping to maintain comfortable temperatures year-round. Door and window weatherstripping can deteriorate with age or use, so it's important to check your weatherstripping regularly and replace it as needed. In general, weatherstripping is easy to install yourself and requires no special tools or knowledge. Most products have a self-adhesive backing for fast and mess-free installation.

At Hardware World, we carry door and window weatherstripping to suit a variety of needs. Find thick, bronze-colored weatherstripping for the front door or grey felt weatherstripping for windows and around temporary air conditioning units. We carry standard weatherstripping as well as heavy-duty varieties that are suitable for more extreme climates. For more information about a product we offer, just click on the image of the weather sealing item you are interested in to learn more.