Workshop Tool Organizer Hooks & Clips

Having the right tool for the job can save hours of headaches and hassles. But even if you have the right tools, they do you no good if you can't find them. At Hardware World, we carry an extensive selection of workshop tool organizers, hooks and clips. These products provide an inexpensive and smart way to get organized and stay that way.

Affordably priced and intelligently designed, our tool organizers can provide a place for everything and keep everything in its place, whether you are organizing an entire shop or tool shed, or just need quick access to one or two tools you use all the time. Our inexpensive hardware clips make it simple to hold a broom or other tool securely in place. They are great for holding individual tools on a wall, in a closet or shed or practically anywhere else.

For large collections of tools, consider one of our magnetic tool holders. Good-looking as well as convenient, these sturdy tool holders make it a cinch to grab the metal tool you need and stow it when you're through with it. We also carry a variety of vinyl-clad hooks as well as zinc chrome single tool holders that will keep all your gear ready and quickly available for your next project.