Paint Mixers & Stirrers

To get a really professional-looking finish when you paint, it's crucial to mix your paints thoroughly. Otherwise, you may have to start all over again and apply another coat to cover unsightly blotches and discolorations. Hardware World carries a big selection of Paint Paddles, Mixers, Stirrers and Spatulas that will help you do the job right the first time, whether you are applying one coat or two coats.

Many types of paint mixer are available here. Our paint mixers include those familiar and still-effective basic wooden and plastic paddles. Most of these cost less than a buck — some far less, in fact.

To stir things up even more, consider paint mixers for drill attachment. A paint mixer drill will provide you even more thorough mixing at a still affordable cost. We also carry mixers suitable for mixing mud and epoxy as well as paint.