Dowel Pins, Plugs, Buttons, & Post Tops

It doesn't matter the quality or the age: Any piece of furniture has ways of hiding unsightly screws and fasteners. At Hardware World, we've seen the same things on discount furniture that comes in a box and expensive, artisan handcrafted pieces. Hiding screws is an important part of finishing the look and appearance of anything from a simple stool to large set of drawers.

If you're taking on furniture repair, Hardware World offers all the wood button plugs, dowel pins, buttons and post tops you'll need to finish any job you have. We carry a variety of sizes and shapes, so you'll be able to find a plug or button that fits perfectly. Many are unfinished, so you can stain them to match.

Because we stock large quantities and don't have the cost of maintaining brick and mortar stores, we can offer deep discounts and great prices you can't find at other hardware stores. And our same-day shipping will help get you order more quickly, so you can finish your job faster.