Workshop Storage & Parts Organizers & Misc

Keep screws, nails and small parts organized using a workshop storage and parts organizer from Hardware World. We carry a variety of storage and organization solutions that are geared towards the home user. Choose from multi-drawer small parts organizers or heavy-duty workshop storage units to keep everything neat and tidy. A high-quality parts organizer is a must-have for any busy workstation. Stay organized and spend less time hunting for pieces or parts during your next project.

Looking for an organization solution that will take the clutter off your workbench? Mesh peg board baskets offer the perfect way to organize small pieces vertically along the wall. The baskets are compatible with standard peg boards, which are also available. When organizing your workspace, try mixing and matching organizers to create a custom solution that works for you. Start with a desktop organizer for small parts, add some pegboard baskets for hand tools and pick up some zipper pouches for works in progress or flat embellishments. Find the small parts organizers you need to create custom workshop storage at Hardware World.