Closet Poles & End Caps

We've seen all sorts of closets, from simple empty spaces to walk-in wonders packed to the brim with custom features. All those closets have one thing in common: Poles.

These aren't the same things as curtain rods, though. Closet poles need to be strong enough to handle pounds upon pounds of clothes and hangers. The hardware holding them needs to be just as strong, to prevent damage inside that closet.

From shoe rails to heavy duty poles, Hardware World offers a wide variety of closet poles for all sorts of projects. They come in several different finishes, including satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and brass, so you can match them to other pieces of hardware nearby. We offer fixed-width and adjustable options, as well as hanging hardware that will handle the weight of a fully loaded closet. Our outstanding discounts and speedy shipping will help you save money and get to work improving your closets quickly.