John Sterling Tap-Mount Track Storage

Made from heavy-duty steel, the John Sterling Tap-Mount Track Storage System is versatile, affordable and fun to use. Find genuine Tap-Mount Track along with a wide variety of accessories at Hardware World and customize your storage system to suit your needs. With John Sterling Tap-Mount Track Storage, the options are endless. A standard piece of track measures 48 inches wide and comes pre-punched with mounting holes on every inch of the track face. Simply line the mounting holes up the wall studs and screw it in place. Add accessories to your track as desired and organize your home or garage.

Maximize your wall space by using John Sterling Tap-Mount Track Storage Systems from Hardware World. We offer the innovative and customizable storage solution at an attractive price, making it easier than ever to commit to getting more organized. Choose the accessories that suit your needs and pull your space together in an instant. Because the track is rather thin and mounts directly to the wall, the storage system takes up little space and helps maximize unused wall areas in busy rooms. Not sure if this system is right for you? Check out Tap-Mount Storage reviews written by home users and fellow do-it-yourselfers.