Schulte & Organized Living Storage Systems

For nearly a century, Organized Living has been helping people live better with less clutter. They began as The Schulte Brass Company, and the Schulte name remains synonymous with premier home storage solutions. Hardware World is the best place online to find Schulte shelving, cabinets and accessories for any room in your home. Their ventilated shelving can be used in kitchen pantries, wardrobes, garages and anywhere else to reduce dust buildup and mold. Their more traditional cabinet-style shelves can be used for anything from books to art displays and are built to last a lifetime.

Schulte storage cubbies and accessory baskets are a great organizational tool for holding shoes, mail, toys and athletic equipment. And their modular cabinets can be hung on walls, stacked in closets or used as furniture side tables. Many sizes and colors are in stock so you can have all the good-looking storage space you need. If you are ordering shelving, don't forget to add the correct Schulte bracket and uprights that install in minutes. Since we only sell online, we can set prices that rival what professional woodworkers pay wholesale, giving homeowners an incredible deal on these high-level storage systems.