Screw Eyes

Screw eyes are a useful hardware piece to have for anchoring and cabling, from attaching wires to picture frames to holding support cables on fence posts that give vines a point to wrap around. Whether you need a 1" eye screw for light duty work or a rugged lag eye screw for holding wood slats in place, Hardware World has them at prices so low that you might do a double-take. Steel wire screw eyes are the standard for many indoor uses and have a zinc-plated finish to improve their durability. Large stainless steel screws have eyes up to 2 7/8 inches for large cables or ropes.

For long-lasting outdoor or marine use, solid brass screw eyes are engineered and forged to provide superior protection against corrosion. And with their sharp points, you get a quick and strong bite for easy installation. Our screw eyes are used by homeowners, theaters, offices, stores and other places for hanging lighter objects that don't require complex rigging. Buy a visual pack of eye screws today – or buy a whole bunch and pay no sales tax if you live outside Washington State. Email us today and we'll help you figure out the right screw size for your next project.