Mason's Line

Whether you're building a masonry fence or wall, working with wood or concrete inside or involved in some other kind of project, you want to make sure your work is finished straight and true. Hardware World carries a big selection of Mason's and Construction Line, Cord Reels and Gauge Blocks to ensure you do a professional job. Thanks to our wide selection, low prices and speedy shipping, we are one of the top mason's line sellers on the Internet.

What is mason line? It is really very simple. By running masonry string line between blocks set at the points you are working on, you can ensure a straight and professional job with no bulges or hollows. Mason string line is available in a variety of easy-to-see colors like white, yellow, fluorescent pink and neon orange. We also carry popular sizes and materials, like #18 twisted nylon mason line.

A construction string line reel is a handy way to work with line neatly and easily. We carry a range of these reels in different sizes preloaded with different types and lengths of line to suit the way you work.