Door Strikes

Anyone who has ever installed a door handle or deadbolt can tell you that the job is easy, when you're working on the stuff in the door. The tricky part is the strike plate, the part that goes in the jamb and catches the latch or bolt.

You're up to the task, however. You know how to line up the holes and clear out the proper space. Hardware World offers a wide variety of adjustable door strike plates, from industry standard sizes to trickier, more custom arrangements. We have a variety of finishes, from polished brass to satin nickel.

Whether you're adding a new lock and plate to your home, or swapping out worn down parts, you'll find exactly what you need at Hardware World. Because we carry large quantities and don't have storefronts to manage, we pass large discounts and savings on to you. And our same-day shipping will help you get your parts quickly, so that you can get to work.