Putty Knives

Inexpensive but highly adaptable and useful for many applications, putty, spackle and other knives can make new construction look professional and can turn ugly holes in walls and other repair challenges into easy fixes. At Hardware World, we carry a huge inventory of putty, spackle, taping and joint knives to match the job you have at hand.

Whether you are in the market for a metal putty knife or a plastic putty knife, we have a big assortment to choose from. We carry dozens of metal and plastic putty knives from leading brands like Red Devil, Hyde and Warner, so you know you these tools will provide outstanding performance, whether you need them for your business or are a DIYer.

If you are looking for a spackle knife, we offer a huge variety. As with our putty knives, a wide range of sizes is available to give you exactly the right tool for the job. We also have taping knives, joint knives and many other tools that can cut any job down to size. Browse our complete selection for quality knives at attractive prices.