Item # W3ASOFUPC: 037841140206

This pre-assembled cable has been designed for the sole purpose of preventing the formation of ice dams on pitched roofs with non-combustible tab shingles and in metal or plastic gutters and downspouts.

  • It provides drainage channels so that as natural thawing occurs, water has a path to flow off the roof and through the gutters and downspouts.
  • This cable is not for use on a flat roof nor is it intended to clear the roof of snow and ice.
  • The installation of this product is simple and it can be used with either metal or plastic gutters.
  • Read and follow all instructions and pay particular attention to the following points: Install the cable when the outside temperature is above 50F because at lower temperatures shingle material may be brittle; Clear all leaves, pine needles and debris from the roof, gutters and downspouts before operating the cable.
  • Do not plug the cable in unless it has been completely uncoiled or it will be damaged.
  • Each package contains one ready-to-install cable, shingle clips, cable spacers and complete installation instructions.
  • You will also need a tape measure, marker, gloves, ladder and a weatherproof GFCI outlet with control switch.
  • First 6 ft of cable is cold side
  • Box contains  roof and  gutter clips
  • NOTE: Mfg packaging may vary per region
  • Two-year limited manufacturer's warranty