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She always had the plants to envy .... lush greens and blossoms in jewel colors.  They seemed to thrive under her care ... she had a secret.  Not a mysterious or exotic potion ... but a plant light.  THIS light.  Even her aquarium was a dazzling display of color and opulent growth.   She had a secret.  Again ... THIS light.

She used this bulb to highlight the natural beauty and color of her magificent plants and aquatic life.  She knew this bulb was specially designed to not only emphasize and play up her diversity of color and texture, but it also promoted the growth and flowering of plants and aquatic vegetation.

She didn't know why or how this bulb worked ... she only cared that it did .... but you are the curious sort ... so you will want to know that this bulb contains a combination of phosphors that produce light rich in reds and blues which brings about the beauty and health in that which the light touches. 

  • For plant & aquarium use- wide spectrum
  • Medium BiPin - T12 (G13) bulb
  • Medium bi-pin base
  • 48" Length
  • *** Oversized/Non-Standard package shipping weight as assessed by UPS/FedEx*** 

The bulb that looks ordinary but produces extraordinary results.