Item # PFKITYUPC: 765806031565


For older homes with sleeper floors - found mostly in the Chicago area.  Squeeeeek No More stops pesky floor squeaks from above the floor by going through the carpet.

Find the joist, using the tooling provided in the kit. Then place the tripod fixture over the joist and drive the scored screw through the fixture as far as the fixture will allow. Snap the head of the screw off. The screw snaps off at the score leaving the screw thread to secure the flooring to the joist stopping the squeak. Because the screw snapped at the score, that was set below the floor, there is nothing to feel and because the screw safely passes through carpet there is nothing to see.

  • One pack of 250 replacement screws for the *At Joist Only* Kit - Part # 3154
  • Quickly/permanently eliminates floor squeaks under hardwood floors
  • For use *at joists only*
  • Featured on This Old House