Item # IRUC1KUPC: 070251783168

Control mixed brush in your yard or landscape with Gordon's All-Season Brush No-More Concentrate. This woody plant herbicide controls mixed brush and many noxious perennial weeds such as alder, birch, box elder, brambles, poison ivy and oak, honeysuckle, thistle, kochia, kudzu, and wild vines. Simply dilute as directed and use a garden sprayer to apply as a spot treatment to stems, leaves, and foliage or apply to lawns and other grassy areas to control broadleaf weeds and vines along fence lines, walkways, or vacant lots. Treat tree stumps by applying diluted product as directed to the surface of the freshly cut stump. Rid your yard or landscape of unsightly weeds and brush with Gordon's All-Season Brush No-More Concentrate.

  • Contains TrimecĀ®
  • Controls most tough woody brush, weeds and vines including poison ivy and oak
  • Mix with water for foliar spray that won't harm grass
  • Mix with oil for cut stump treatment to prevent re-spouting

RESTRICTED: This product cannot be shipped to following states: AK, CA, DC, WA