Item # GJXIZSUPC: 084865936308


What is that crawling across your kitchen counter?   Eeeekkk!  What is that rappelling  down from the ceiling!  Get the newspaper!  Give it a whack!  SPLAT!  Ewww.   Well that wasn't the best way of getting rid of that spider ... and oh look .... that one ant was just leading the whole parade now marching out from behind the toaster.

Well, you could stand there all day at the ready with your rolled up newspaper ... but here is a much better idea and certainly more effective against creepy crawlies and all their friends and family ...

Bengal Brand Ant & Spider Killer.  Great stuff.  Water-based so there is no sticky residue left behind.  Stops bugs dead in their tracks just like that famous, higher priced spray that leaves icky sticky and a pee-eww smell behind.  Bengal  Brand also will keep those arachnids (fancy word for those hairy spiders) and ants away for up to 6 weeks.   Such much better than having to keep a rolled up newspaper handy for that long!

  • Up to 6 week control
  • Fast killing
  • Kills on contact
  • Water-based formula
  • No sticky mess

RESTRICTED:      Ships via GROUND transport only.   Sorry, cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii.