Item # 7OAK6GUPC: 079239202004


Water Shield® is a single-component, brushable-grade sealant designed for many construction, residental, agricultural, and industrial applications.

  • May be applied at any working temperature. 
  • Exhibits immediate adhesion to many construction materials, including damp, non-porous surfaces, and oily or dirty surfaces. 
  • May be applied in layers to build up desired sealant thickness. 
  • orms a tough and flexible film with outstanding adhesion to metal, concrete, wood, and glass. 
  • Withstands water contact immediately after application to stop leaks fast.

Basic Uses:

Coats and rustproofs metal surfaces such as: agricultural equipment, autos and trucks, awnings, chimney caps, condensate pans, doors, flashing, gutters, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, roof panels, rooftop HVAC equipment, roof valleys, and roof vents.   Seals and waterproofs concrete, brick, block, or stone surfaces, catch basins, chimney crowns, foundations, grain elevators (exterior), planters, pre-cast concrete, retaining walls, storage tanks (exterior), silos, and other non-traffic-bearing concrete surfaces.  Coats and seals wood surfaces such as: bracing, deck supports, doors, framing, posts, siding, thresholds, tree wounds and grafts, trim, window sills, wood foundations, and wooden gutters.

Adheres To:

Concrete, glass, vinyl, wood, steel, and other common building substrates.


Do not use on traffic-bearing surfaces. Do not use on bituminous or asphaltic surfaces. Do not use on polystyrene insulation sheathing. Do not use in areas where food is processed or stored. Do not use on flexible acrylic surfaces.