Item # 7OAH4ZUPC: 050926040017


This asphalt-based aluminum protects against moisture and also reflects sunlight to keep building interiors cooler.  An aluminum roof coating at an economical price. Reinforced with fiber for durability. It dries to a lesser degree of reflectivity than Kool Seal premium coatings, but at a sufficient level to reduce interior temperature and save money on cooling costs.

  • Asphalt-based aluminum protects against moisture
  • Save up to 20% on energy reflecting sun's rays
  • Reflects sunlight to keep building interior cooler
  • Reinforced with fiber for durability
  • Use on metal, asphalt, modified bitument, rolled roofing and on a built-up roof
  • Drying Time: dry to touch in 4-6 hours @ 77°F, 50% RH: temperature and humidity dependent
  • Recoat: 3-5 days ~ 2 coat application
  • Coverage per gallon: Apply at 50-60 sq.ft. per gallon. Actual coverage will vary depending on poros- ity of surface
  • Coverage: 50-60 sq.ft. per gallon