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The key to the Counter-Snap screw fastening system is the specially coated scored screw. The score is 1/2 inch from the head. When being driven through the Counter-Snap fixture, The fixture stops the score 1/4 of an inch below the surface and after the snap there is 2 inches of screw securing the wood. The hole that is left is easily concealed with wood filler.

  • The Counter-Snap Hardwood Trim Screws are for stopping squeaks between the joists.
  • This stops the movement and squeaks.
  • The screw is scored so when driven through the fixture it snaps 1/4" below the top of the hardwood.
  • The small hole then can be filled with a wood filler to conceal the screw.
  • The hole looks the same as the hole of a trim nail that is counter-sunk.
  • This kit is for hardwood floors - not for carpeted floors. The counter snap tool snaps the screw at the correct level for hardwood floors.   For carpeted floors use kit #3233 which contains a different snap off tool made for carpet and linoleum or vinyl floors.
  • Kit contains:  50 Screws, one driver bit, one counter snap fixture.
  • Additional screws can be ordered via  Item # EC0UEG  (QTY 50) or Item # TVDZVL (Qty 500)  sold here.