Item # 10KA2LUPC: 081942114093


Used to secure wood posts to concrete footings and to provide moisture damage protection. 2-sided with high uplift and bearing capacity. Features a 1" stand-off plate to elevate wood posts above concrete surfaces. Not recommended for fence posts or otherunrestrained (not fixed or fastened at top) applications. Not designed to resist overturning (moment) loads. Requires 16d nails for installation. Meets ICC-ES ESR-1831, FL822 and L.A. City RR 25836 codes.

  • 2-sided post anchor
  • Provides 1" elevation above concrete
  • Elevation keeps post dry
  • Large pre-punched opening for anchor bolt
  • 18 gauge galvanized steel body
  • 14 gauge galvanized steel base & washer
  • Nails NOT included-Model w/ TZ suffix has:
  • Triple zinc coating for ACQ treated wood
  • Post Size:  6 x 6"  
  • 5-1/2" W x 3-1/2" H x  5-1/2" L