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Paint & Stain > Brushes/Rollers/Tools/Supplies > Texture Coatings

Texture Coatings

Homax 4592
Orange Peel Wall Texture
$ 14.18
Homax 4505P
Heavy Duty Hopper, 3 Liter
$ 12.85
Homax 8322
Wall Ceiling Texture, 2.2 Liter
$ 11.88
Homax 4065
Easy Touch Knockdown Spray Texture, 20 oz.
$ 10.35
Homax 8522
Wall Ceiling Acoustic Texture
$ 10.04
Homax Group 4092-06
20oz Or Peel Texture
$ 9.60
Homax 4055
Aerosol Spray Texture, 20 oz.
$ 9.28
Homax 4067-06
Knockdown/Orange Peel Ceiling Texture
$ 9.24
Homax 4060
Easy Touch Knockdown Texture
$ 7.34
Homax 4050
Easy Touch Spray Texture
$ 7.13
Homax Group 4091-06
10oz Or Peel Texture
$ 6.64
RustOleum 76084
Qt Rm Ceiling Patch
$ 4.09
Homax 5225
Popcorn Ceiling Patch, 5 Ounce
$ 3.27
RustOleum 22235
1# Roll-Acoustic Texture
$ 3.19
RustOleum 22234
1# Crse Rollatex Additiv
$ 3.17
RustOleum 22232
1# Fine Rollatex Additiv
$ 3.16
RustOleum 22233
1# Med Rollatex Additive
$ 2.63

Texture Guns and Textures

You will be hard-pressed to find another online hardware store with a wider selection of texture guns and spray textures than Hardware World. We have dozens of great, high quality spray texture gun allowing you to finish large texture jobs quicker than ever. Our spray texture gun will evenly apply a coat of texture to the walls, which increases the aesthetic value of any room. Find a quick loading dry wall hopper gun that holds a good amount of texture material so you don’t have to reload in the middle of a project. Hardware World brings you high quality texture that will perfectly bond to the correct surface. We also sell Gold and Silver glitter that mixes in well with custom texture and will spread evenly by the texture gun. Experience no sales tax and same day shipping when you buy a texture gun and Hopper gun from

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